Stack adapter set for Kid-O-Bunk

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The stack adapters simply attach to the legs of the straight frame bed, allowing the top bed to rest on top of the bottom bed discs.
Scope of delivery: 1 set = 4 stacking adapters
Attention: Only suitable for Kid-O-Bunk/Kid-O-Bed

The stacking adapters are included with the Kid-O-Bunk, but can also be ordered as a set of 4 to use 2 Kid-O-Beds as a bunk.

TO DETERMINE THE SUITABLE PARTS WE NEED THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE MAT (LABEL). When ordering, please let us know the PO number on the back of the mat and your telephone number in case we have any questions.


Color: silver
Material: Powder-coated steel
Weight: 1.5kg


1 set = 4 pieces